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Amazonas Opera House

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The Amazonas Opera House is administred by the State Government/Secretariat for Culture. Its construction was initiated in 1882. Its contruction reached a stalemate of several years before pushed ahead by the Eduardo Ribeiro Government. It was inaugurated on December  31, 1896. at the peak of the rubber boom period during the Fileto Pires Ferreira administration.

it is the state of amazonas main architectural heritage. Despite the predominance of neoclassic elements several styles have been adopted for this building providing it  with the features of neoclassic elements  several styles have been adopted for this building providing it with the features of an ecletic work. The stage panel was painted by Crispim do Amaral, a citizen from the State of Pernambuco and the Noble Hall décor was executed by Domenico de Angelis, an Italian citizen.

Having been registared as a historical heritage on November 28, 1966, it has a capacity for 701 seats. It was retored in 1990 by the State Government, but it has resumed it apogee only with the hosting of the State of Amazonas Opera Festival as of 1997 with the staging of both classical and popular shows featuring dance, music and theater events with local, national and foreign artists.


Praça de São Sebastião – Centro
Phone.: (092) 3232-1768/3622-1880


monday to saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Teatro Amazonas
Teatro Amazonas


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