Court House Cultural Center


The Court House Cultural Center established an initiative of the Judiciary and Executive power throught the Secretariat of Culture. this is the new use of the traditional palace Clovis Bevilacqua, headquarters of the legal Amazon, whose construction began in 1894 under President Eduardo Ribeiro. Opened on April 21, 1900, in the governement of Jos√© Cardoso Ramalho j√ļnior being President of the Court of Appeals the Judge Cesar Rego Monteiro. Up to April 2006¬† it worked as headquarters of the judiciary. There¬† it is now oerformed extensive and ecletic cultural program with exhibitions of art, theater, music, reading, specializing in classic legal works and moot court, held by students, bilingual and guided visits for tourists, students and comunity. They are open to the public: a sovenir shop, coffee, and visitis to tradicional rooms of the palace, as the President¬īs Office, Court and others.


Av. Eduardo Ribeiro, n¬ļ. 833 – Centro
69.025-140 Manaus-Amazonas-Brasil
Phone.: (092) 3248-1844


Tuesday to Friday 1 pm to 5 pm
Sunday  5 pm to 9 pm

Palacio da Justiça
Palacio da Justiça