Movie House Digital Nucleus


The Movie house is a State of Amazonas initiative, through the State Secretariat for Culture created in 2005 in order to provide support to foreingn, national and local audiovisual projects. It provides shelter to the Amazonas Film Comission, a body that facilitates motion picture productions in the State and the Digital Nucleus.

The Movie House lines of operation are:

  • Support to audiovisual Productions;
  • Advising to projects that and entrepreneurs who have the State of Amazonas as its location;
  • Training courses trough the Claudio Santoro Arts and Crafts Lyceum;
  • Incentive to the Production of audiovisual works inwhatever format.


Monday to Friday from 08 p.m. to 05 p.m.


Rua Ferreira Pena, 145, Solar Georgette – Centro – 69010-140
Phone.: (92) 3631-2409

Casa do Cinema
Casa do Cinema