Inicial Regionalismo Turismo Park Senator Jefferson Péres

Park Senator Jefferson Péres

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“Senator Jefferson Péres” Park is a public space built on an ancient stilts invasion site that hadf encroached into the Manaus and Bittencourt Streams, two traditional urban spots in Manaus.

The park allows the visitors to have a glimpse of the political, social and landscape history of the amazonian capital, particulary during the rubber boom period, be it through the vegetation, the design, the architecture, the symmetry, the symbology, be it through the ambience that had characterized that historical period.

The park features the main exhibit of species of the amazonian flora, a refuge for the population with a high level of quality, valuing the import building of the Rio Negro palace, the former residence of Waldemar Scholz and the government seat. It has now turn into a cultural center for the artistic effescence in 1997.


Sunday to Sunday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Av. Lourenço da Silva Braga – Manaus Moderna – Centro
Phone.: (92) 3635-5832

Parque Senador Jéfferson Péres
Parque Senador Jéfferson Péres



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