The Instalação Theater


Inaugurated on May 6th, 2001 with the staging of Weill and Brecht¬īs Threepence, during the V Amazonas Opera Festival, the Instala√ß√£o Theater in, today, one of the major landmarks built and revived by the State of Amazonas Government, Through the Manaus Belle-√Čpoque Project.

It comprises the historical site of Ancient Manaus Downtown area in the old building of the once Casa Havaneza, where the Papal√©u furnite store and the abdon Nicolau √Āzaro drugstore once stood and more recently ISEA (The Amazonian Higher Studies Institute).

It is currently the satage for music, dance, theater, recitals, lactures presentations and other events of the kind. It offers the public who enjoy the various artistic manifestations, an added option for leisure, culture and entertainment.

The Instalação Theater is an application space for the Claudio Santoro Arts and Crafts Lyceum groups of students and for rehearsal of the Dance Corps, the Amazonas Band and the Guitar Orchestra, artistic corps maintained by the government.


Rua Frei José dos Inocentes, S/N РCentro
Phone.:(92) 3631-5739


Mondays to Fridays 9h a.m. to 5h p.m.

Teatro da Instalação
Teatro da Instalação